Holland Healthcare

Holland Healthcare Inc is a Medical Device & Medical Software Development and Distribution Company.

Holland Healthcare’s first product to market is Throat Scope, the world’s first illuminated tongue depressor. Throat Scope is ‘the best Intraoral examination tool ever invented’ Dr Keith Grimes. Throat Scope improves patient oral examination and outcomes by providing one handed intraoral examination (for non compliant patients) and a light source located inside the mouth, for a clear view of the throat, teeth, tongue, palate and gums. Holland Healthcare Inc distributes Throat Scope into 8 countries via 28 medical distribution partners. Throat Scope website –


Holland Healthcare will be launching three new products in 2019:

  1. Wound Scope
  2. Pap Scope
  3. Tx Scope

Holland Healthcare Headquarters is located in Houston Texas.

Throat Scope Illuminated Tongue Depressor

Throat Scope features include :

  • Single Use Depressor¬†(recyclable plastic)
  • Reusable Light Handle
  • Light Source located at the end of the Depressor (Inside the mouth/throat)
  • Lanyard Attachment for Easy Storage and Carriage
  • One Handed Oral Examination Operation (for non compliant patients)
  • Easy to Use, Fast to Examine and Accurate to View!


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