About Us

Throat Scope was created by Holland Healthcare, Inc.

We create innovative healthcare tools to enhance and transform the accuracy, experience and outcomes in hospitals, clinics and homes.

Our mission is to develop and manufacture world class, simple, affordable, multifunctional medical solutions which are designed to improve outcomes in hospitals, clinics and homes.

Our Story

Throat Scope was created to address a need.

A traumatic experience with her baby at the doctor's office inspired Jennifer Holland to have the idea for Throat scope. After being ordered to hold down her baby while the doctor wrestled with a flashlight and a tongue depressor to see into the child's mouth, Jen knew something had to be done.

Throat Scope was featured on the first season of Shark Tank Australia, where the tool emerged into the healthcare scene and found its first success.

Throat Scope has since become an essential tool in the medical, dental, and speech-language pathology fields. Throat Scope can also be used at home. The tool is used as an illuminating tongue depressor, retraction tool, speech pathology exercise tool and a head and neck cancer early detection screening tool.

Holland Healthcare, Inc., the creator of Throat Scope, creates inspired diagnostic solutions to address answers to needs. This year, Holland Healthcare will be launching a line of new products including TelScope and Wound Scope.


  • ANZ Head & Neck Cancer Society
  • Senior Smiles
  • Sigma Healthcare
  • Team Medical Supplies
  • US Oral Cancer Foundation

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Watch an oral cancer screening performed by a dentist using Throat Scope