Introducing: TelScope Oral Telehealth System

Connect your intraoral issue to a doctor or specialist instantly.

TelScope is the new Oral Telehealth System. It is a product and app combination - think of it as the telehealth version of Throat Scope. Connect TelScope to any smart device, capture a superior-quality image inside the mouth, and connect that image to your doctor or to a specialist instantly.

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Throat Scope®
Easy | Fast | Accurate Intraoral Examinations

Throat Scope is the illuminated tongue depressor, retraction tool and early sign oral cancer screening tool. Throat Scope lights up inside the mouth for an easy, fast, accurate intraoral examination.

Throat Scope is used by medical professionals, dental professionals and speech-language pathologists. Use Throat Scope as an all-in-one light and tongue depressor for oral examinations, retraction exercises and as a head and neck cancer early detection screening tool.

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Lights Up Inside the Mouth

  • All-in-one light + tongue depressor
  • Places the light source directly inside the mouth for a clear view of the throat, teeth, tongue, palate and gums

Increase Accuracy of Oral Examinations

  • An illuminated view of the entire mouth with no shadows or dark spots
  • More accurate results and diagnoses

Increase Patient Comfort

  • Depresses the tongue with no taste
  • Illuminate the mouth between the tongue and cheek for gag-sensitive patients
  • Kiddos love it - it's like a Light Saber or Fairy Wand!

One-handed Inspections

  • Free up an extra hand to position your patient's head or take a swab/culture

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Watch a quick demo video of how to use Throat Scope and how Throat Scope will improve your practice.

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  • Mario Filippi
    These are very useful when my children get sick
    Mario Filippi
  • Dr N Texas
    Take it from the Doc, these are worth the cost
    Dr N Texas
  • Mt Fuji San
    Good for moms to check their kids throats
    Mt Fuji San
  • KNL
    This came exactly as pictured and very quickly! It was super helpful checking my kids after tonsillectomies for healing process and at work for oral mech exams.
  • Kristen
    I am a speech-language pathologist and Throat Scope is so helpful for my job! This makes completing oral mech exams so much easier!
  • Valeria Gomez
    I love this product, all the oral cavity can be seen and even deep into the pharyngeal walls. The light is bright enough and the scope is clear to allow a better view. The throat scope is easy to use, once you connect the clear tongue depressor to the white attachment the light turns on and it's ready to use. Clear disposable plastics are available and can be placed on the clear tongue depressor for each person.
    Valeria Gomez


  • ANZ Head & Neck Cancer Society
  • Senior Smiles
  • Sigma Healthcare
  • Team Medical Supplies
  • US Oral Cancer Foundation

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