5 New Products You Need For a Healthy Smile | Class Pass | 1st May 2017

Throat Scope Tongue Depressor

Gone are the days of using wooden tongue depressors to do mouth exams. There’s a new device called Throat Scope. While it might not be the most glamorous tool to have in your medicine cabinet, it’s one of the handiest, especially if you have little ones running around. Throat Scope is the world’s first all-in-one lighted tongue depressor—it essentially lights up your mouth, making for easier examinations of sore throats, strep throat, cutting teeth, oral thrush and inflamed gums. It’s also an early detection tool for oral cancer, which affects nearly 50,000 people every year. It can be used at home, though medical professionals are turning to Throat Scope, too.

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Posted on August 22, 2017


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