What is Throat Scope?

Throat Scope is the world’s first all-in-one light and tongue depressor. Throat Scope lights up the entire mouth and throat for an accurate and clear view, this allows the user to examine each other or self-examine with ease.

Why use Throat Scope?

Throat Scope is used by health professionals and in homes all over the globe. Throat Scope is easy to use, fast to examine and accurate to view. Throat Scope is used in a variety of ways including to examine sore throats, tonsillitis, new teeth and mouth sores to oral cancer screening, oral mechanism examinations, articulation therapy and oral cavity examinations.



How does Throat Scope work?

Watch our instructional Throat Scope video and see the steps below on how Throat Scope works.

Step 1.
Attach the depressor to the handle to automatically activate the light.

Step 2.
Complete your Mouth or Throat examine

Step 3.
Detach the depressor from the handle to deactivate the light.


I have what I think might be one of the first Throat Scopes in the US...
I'm a school nurse and with all the strep and flu going around , I am going to fly through my box of 100!
TS is life changing for me!!! It makes checking kids a breeze.... I am awestruck! I'm a "one man band" in singing it's praises to professionals and family and friends.... Brilliant!'

School Nurse - Paula


“What an amazing idea! We are able to see into our ‘ littlies’ mouths quickly and easily. Also super useful for identifying air escaping down the nose during speech for our Cleft Palate clients as it so happens!”

Kim - Speech Language Pathologist


“This is an absolute essential for every dental and medical practitioner to provide the best possible oral assessment and ability to discover oral cancer in its earliest stages”

Dental Hygienist


“Great illumination of the entire oral cavity and throat. So easy to use and keeps one hand free to stabilise the jaw or take a throat swab. I cannot recommend it enough!”

Ken - General Practitioner


“My son is autistic with a lot of sensory problems. He was always terrified of doctors. Now armed with his Throat Scope, he is not only happy to be examined but calls it his ‘ lightsaber’”.

Danielle - Mother


“A must-have in the medicine cupboard! Checking my little ones new teeth saves us a trip to doctors and lets me know what I need to do to keep him happy”

Sue - Mother


“Brilliant. Why hasn’ t this been invented before?!”

Luke - Father of Two


“I used it to see a new tooth coming on my upset baby, was great to have Throat Scope at home”

Debra - Mother of Twins




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